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This is quite a departure for me, it began as a doodle and was so unlike my usual work I felt it deserved to be investigated as a stand alone piece.


At the moment I am interested in how I can blur and distort work that I am making as memories become blurred and distorted over time.


I have a friend who is going to be away for a few months, so we have embarked upon an envelope art project. This is my first envelope to her and I will keep you posted on further envelopes as they are received and created.


After a period of feeling unsettled and irritated I have started a more detailed printing process of lino cut, mono print, gelli plate printing and stencilling, although the system is quite paintstaking I am really enjoying the results.


Again this week I have been  playing around with memory on the page and although I am pleased with the process I don’t feel I can really develop this any further.


I am still working on the theme of memory, though I find now I am looking at memory in new ways. At the beginning of the summer I was investigating  my own memories as a way of conveying feelings of love, loss and experience and although that still drives my practice I am also looking at ways in which I can use memory as a process, in this piece I have painted a background of almost miscellaneous symbols and then painted over this with a more personal memory.


I just had to do more of these. Printing on to tissue paper is an absolute joy. The sound it makes when you peel the plate away and the ink looks so much different, it seems more alive somehow.


I think that I obviously enjoy being pedantic because I have spent the last couple of weeks working on quite a large canvas sloshing paint around and thoroughly enjoying the process but suddenly found myself yearning to do something small and detailed. This in turn has given me some great ideas for a new print though so I shall try to go with the flow a bit more and see what may come out of it.


The end of year show is now looming and I am thinking about pieces that I may include. This piece is filled with memories of my grandfather and his garden which was a great love of his. The more I work on this subject the more memories I seem to be able to access, almost like the recall of one thing will stir something else, it may take a few days but eventually a new memory will surface. The interesting thing is I am unable to check whether these are true memories or moments that I have decided must have happened.


This is a piece I have been working on for the Coffee Art Project which is a charity working towards getting clean water in all parts of the world. It seems unbelievable that there are still so many people who have no access to clean water.


I have just discovered a lovely print process called chine colle and I can’t stop making images this way. I find myself walking round the house thinking I could use that to make a chine colle print, I am slowly building a pile of paper to use for this.


I knew this image wasn’t going to leave my head until I had done something with it, so I spent a lovely afternoon making this print.


This is a mixed media piece, acrylic, ink and thread on canvas. I have just read Barthes – Camera Lucida, in the second half of the book he is trying to recall memories of his mother through photographs. Although she is recognisable in every photograph her essence is missing. For me at this moment, this is how I feel, I am remembering the essence of a memory not through a photograph but of a feeling, a smell, a voice and although a photo captures a moment exactly it cannot convey the true reality of that moment.


I am still looking at the details we remember. This piece of work comprises of my memories of my Grandfather, sadly, I cannot remember his face but I can recollect fleeting images from time we spent together, this is a collage of those memories.


In thinking about how memories are made I have also been thinking about how memory can become distorted and misty over time, and how people who all have the same experience will remember different things about the memory depending on what the experience meant to them.


I have been thinking about how memories are made and for me a lot of my memories are made from social occasions and interaction around a table, sharing a meal, I decided this piece needed to be sewn as for me it reflected not only the process of making a meal but showing the care we give to those around us we love.


I am still working with objects and their associated memories, this piece I particularly like because the object is placed on a printed background, which is the third print I got from the plate so the background is also a memory of itself.


I am still exploring the relationship we have with objects and the memories they represent.


I have just read an amazing book by Viv Albertine, member of punk band ‘The Slits’, it reminded me that really strong creative women still find it hard out there, the book inspired this piece of work.


Following on from looking at how we need to feel that we belong to something bigger than ourselves, I have made a connection between belonging and memories. I feel there is a lot of exploration to be done here, how we place value on sometimes valueless things because they hold special memories for us of a time or place that has become important to us.


In our efforts to feel that we belong do we sometimes make permanent decisions about our bodies that we will come to regret as in tattoos or surgery? I have been thinking about how we are sold identity through the media and the concepts that they define as beautiful.


Why do we feel the need to belong? This is the question I have been exploring this week, is it because we don’t want to feel alone, is it because we need the repetition and security of rituals in our lives or is it simply that even in this modern age we want to belong to a tribe?


I have been playing around with this painting this week. I am quite pleased with the results but really had to make myself stop. I find this quite difficult as I am discovering I could happily ‘tweak’ away forever.


Still working on trying to be a bit more carefree and letting the brush lead me instead of trying to control every stroke. At first I found it hard to let go of the control of the painting and let it take its own course but now I am finding that the places the paint is taking me is far more interesting than that in which I would have led the work. It’s still difficult for me but the journey is proving amazing. I wonder if I will reach a point where I am trying to regain the control that I have let go and will find that just as difficult when the time comes.


The weather has been so beautiful this week I have taken advantage of it and sat in the garden sketching, what a fantastic way to spend the day.


I have just finished this piece and I love it. It was hard not to try and overdo things and I feel I stopped before the work became laboured.


I have wanted to experiment with a looser approach to painting for a while, so have just started this picture and am excited about where it may take me.


After weeks and weeks and hours and hours I have finally finished this piece of work, which is my partners favourite song lyrics. It is embroidery thread on calico, it has been a real labour of love and I am really pleased with the result.


I was rummaging around in the garage this week and found an old piece of kitchen lino, being in the printing zone I thought I need to see if I can make something from this and here is the result.


I am still really enjoying my new found love of lino printing. I love making the decision about each line and how it will affect the print as a whole. For me, it is about taking what could be a complex image and reducing it to as few lines as necessary to still convey the feeling of that person.


I have been experimenting with monoprinting recently which lead me to try lino printing again for the first time in many years, I have really enjoyed the results I am getting and am looking forward to having a few adventures with it over the next week.



Recently I have been concentrating on portraits of my husband and how I can show both him and his love of music, what better way than to paint him straight on to vinyl.


I have been thinking very deeply about portraiture in modern life, photographs and video give a totally realistic representation of the person, so how can portraiture be relevant in this modern world. I have been exploring the things that inspire and motivate people, whether it be art, music or film. There has been some interesting dialogue which has given me more questions to think about and explore.

I am trying new things at the moment, taking the same theme but focusing in on detail rather than overall look, I really like where this work is taking me and am interested in trying new surfaces and materials to see what the overall outcome could be and could go on to be.


Still on the portrait trail, I am really enjoying the process and particularly like the ambiguity of the work. Only the person who supplied the objects and I know who the painting is about. The objects supplied are objects the ‘sitter’ has chosen to represent their personality and on the surface may seem slightly bizarre but when you are told the reason why these objects have been chosen you realise just how personal and intimate they are.


I am still a bit obsessed with bringing the colour back into my life at the moment so I have been concentrating on trying a new take on portraiture, which has turned into a cross between portraiture and still life but although still in the development stage I am pleased with the results so far.


This week I have taken a break from paper cutting. As I mainly work with white paper I was beginning to feel that the whole world had turned white. To that end I have been doing some quick sketches to bring back some colour. I am sure I will be back to cutting paper soon feeling refreshed, renewed and a bit more colourful.



IMG_8114Paper Cutting

This week I am still obsessed with making shadows from my paper cuttings, anyone looking through the window after 7 ‘o’ clock would think a mad woman lived here, the lights go off and the torches come out. My biggest problem at the moment is making the paper stiffer after cutting. I have tried thinned down PVA and spray starch but they destroy the quality of the paper so this week I shall be trying anything I can think of to give the paper a longer life.

Also, this week Artist Helen Cocker has begun an on-line exhibition called Lend Me Your Hand and accepted my film as one of the pieces! I was very excited because it has some amazing work showing on it so please check it out here http://lmyh.tumblr.com/


by Michelle Crowley

Over Christmas I have been experimenting with paper cutting. This lead me to realise that actually I was more interested in the spaces that were left behind and the shadows and markings they created than the actual picture I was initially pursuing. In creating something that was only about shadow led me to experiment with different lighting and effects that they can give. I have gone from thinking that my finished piece would be the end of a project to realising that in actual fact I have only scratched the surface of a subject that has now opened up so many avenues.